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Moon Bot > Discussions > Learning Manual Trading From @kirilldev

Автор: kirillDev Фев 8 2019, 16:08
Manual trading:
A) 355$ group:- (unlimited in time)

This training includes:

🔸 I give the initial theory (basic)
🔹 I give a huge collection of examples of my orders with their analysis
🔸 I give videos of my trades
🔹 I answer on questions of your negative trades and analysis them out
🔸 I and those who are experienced give signals
🔹 Also in this chat, you cant find signals from paid sources from different people (rarely)
🔸 You will get 7 of my ready-made strategy for coins detecting
🔹 I give settings for manual trading
🔸 Lifetime chat with me
🔹 Finding exact entering and exits from orders

My chat: https://t.me/money_maker_chat_free
My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp8A00aQTQp2VSAbqKttg5g
My feedback: http://forum.moon-bot.com/index.php?showtopic=26

My statistic:

Автор: DmitryPetrov2 Фев 8 2019, 17:47
Well, I'm in Kirill's team since October. And I never regretted that I joined that. You'll learn how to scalp in hardcore mode biggrin.gif
Kirill and guys post their trades and examples - why and where they bought that specific coins. Veterans will analyze your trades and will give you a piece of advice where you failed and how to avoid these situations in the future.
You will also learn how to create specific detects for monitoring all altcoins to feel the market pulse.
To be honest, I'm not a scalper. I prefer automation. But I have to scalp to learn different patterns to catch them with my strats. So it's one more benefit of the Kirill's group if you want to create profitable strats.
And I like the community very much. Very friendly, funny and helpful. Your questions even dumb will be answered.
One more good thing is motivation. Screenshots of good trades always motivate to up your level. If they did it so I can do it too!
No kittens, boobs or dumb flood. Just scalping.
No reasons to wait!

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