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Hello there

i have some questions about this scammer ? @andnext he is working in telegram and he is a russian , selling strategies , i bought a strategy for 0.5 btc from him and this strategy never be profitable or even get any order , i told him to get my money back and your strategy is useless but he want to tell fake reasons why the strategy not working !

i shared a screenshots of my chat with this guy and want to tell you guys to be aware of this scammer and NEVER NEVER dont buy anything from him.

i uploaded an screenshot of proof that he accepted that i sent money to him and now he is not coming to check his useless strategy and my money gone...!


Добавлено @ [mergetime]1561031465[/mergetime]
and another screen of my transaction ID to this scammer . be aware of him
guys he refunded my money and I got my money back

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